Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNo: Day 1. Success!

Here it goes, then. Almost a year of writing damn near nothing and I started NaNo at a pretty good pace. Just a little over 1k words in the morning followed by a grand total of 1964 words by the end of the day.


No school makes a lot of difference. I don't feel pressured to hurry up and write so I can do my homework or vice versa. There's no guilty conscience screaming in my ear about stuff I'm supposed to be doing other than writing ridiculous prose. (Well, almost no guilty conscience. I was supposed to finish cleaning the computer room today and that sort of didn't happen. Shhhhh.)

Also, I'm a slacker of epic proportions. I totally didn't tell you guys.

We're expecting a little bundle of testosterone!!! (OMG, I'm 21 weeks on Monday! I'm past the halfway point!!! Mah belleh, it gets bigger...)

Gonna sign off early tonight so I can go to sleep (*snort*) and get up early to pound out a few hundred words in the morning before work.

And if you haven't started the NaNo craziness... THERE'S STILL TIME. Go! Go on! Sign up already. Start writing.

Or post your word count. Is anyone up for a word war sometime this week? Just let me know. Imma be there to kick your butt.



Demon Hunter said...

Hey Sass. Congratulations! I wrote 1950 words yesterday. I definitely can't do the word war. I'm already in to deep with local Nano's. Good luck. What's your Nano name? Mine is Horror Diva. Friend me. ;-)

Sassee B said...

I'm on there as Sassee :)

Looks like we're neck and neck with our word counts for day 1. Want to see if we can match or exceed yesterday's count for today?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm lagging behind already. For some reason the words are coming slower than expected. Will have to do some yeoman's work this evening to catch up.

Demon Hunter said...

We can but I'm sure you'll beat me. My back is killing me, so I won't be on this computer much longer. :-/