Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ramen Noodles of Win and Awesome

Happy New Year everyone :) Yes, it's over a week since the coming of 2011, but I haven't blogged yet this year so I thought I'd play catch up and throw that out there.

Today I've been struck with the Ramen Noodle bug. Good Morning America (or some similar show... I don't know because I wasn't really paying attention) had a special on the popularity of Ramen Noodles and how the craze is coming to America. They don't mean the Ramen noodles in the packaging with the little flavor packet. They mean Ramen noodles that have been deliciously re-invented into bowls of yummy goodness. Of course I immediately had to run to my computer and look up recipes for Ramen noodles, and then run upstairs to check the expiration date of the box of chicken Ramen we bought from Costco forever and a day ago.

Sad story - we have actually reached the recommended use-by date on the package. 01/05/11. It's only 4 days past that so I figure if I cook all of them today I should be good. Right? Let's hope so. If not, I'm denied Ramen until we can get to a store and it's snowmageddon out there so I don't want to go driving for a cheap package of Ramen.


I'm now struck with extreme indecision. How many recipes could there really be for Ramen noodles, you ask. Too many, I answer. Google "ramen noodle recipes." I dare you.

The one thing I got from going through the search results is that I could pretty much throw anything I have in my cabinets into ramen noodle soup (within reason) and it will turn out divine. I'm favoring recipes with shrimp or chicken since we have a frozen abundance of both. I believe I also have a choice of veggie or chicken broth, and we even have some dried shiitake mushrooms that I could use to make Shiitake Dashi broth.

(I say this like I'm actually going to do this myself and not have my husband make it. He usually cooks. For the sake of this blog, I'll pretend I'm the one that will be cooking.)

The recipe here to the right actually looks really good and is really easy to make. I may go with that one. Veggie broth, veggies, Ramen noodles, soy sauce, chili oil, minced fresh ginger root, and green onions. Looks like that cook also garnished it with a lettuce leaf and a slice of mushroom. I think I see regular onions in there too. Mmmmmmmmm. Along with all the tea we just bought from Teavana yesterday, it looks like I'll have a lot of warmth to combat the extreme cold blowing through Colorado the next few days.

Okay, enough blogging. I've made myself so hungry I think I'm getting heartburn. I'll let you know which recipe I picked and write it out for you if it turns out to be as dreamy as I think it will be.

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Tyhitia Green said...

Now I see you're back, but you haven't posted in a month. LOL. I haven't been on AW in a while--well. posted anyway. You can see I dropped the Demon Hunter name. :-D

Sassee B said...

I haven't been to AW in a while either. Man! I really need to get my butt back in gear.

(The ramen noodles were AMAZING btw...)