Friday, August 26, 2011


Brief tangent before we even start: I have issues with starting blog posts, social network status updates, and paragraphs in general with the word "So." I almost did that here. Almost. I caught myself just in time. Improving my writing one repetitive word death at a time.

Teh Sass has issues keeping up with her writing. News at 11.

I've decided that I'm going to try blogging again once a week. I think I can handle that, even when school starts again in a few days. It won't be the TLDR once a day posts of yore but it's better than writing a couple of posts once a year right around NaNoWriMo time. (Sadly, that was one of the reasons I came back now -- I remembered it was almost time to get obsessive about NaNo. Blog? What blog? Oh YEAH. That one! Aww, look at all these kyoot widdle posts from like THREE YEARS AGO. Holy crap.)

I miss my blogging sessions. They were great exercises in creative flow. I miss the process of composing my [many] thoughts into a random bit of silly, finding just the right picture to punctuate my statement, and leaving random bits of youtube for myself to remind me of what was interesting to me at the time. Plus, doing the blog thing is kind of a warm up to doing the novel thing. I haven't written something worth squat outside of NaNoWrimo in YEARS. What the eff happened to me? Gah!

I will get back into writing on a regular basis. Oh yes, I will.

In other news, I've returned to the social networking scene and revived my Twitter account as well as joined Google+. Not gonna lie, Google+ is the best thing on the internet since captioned cat pictures. I'm slowly trying to coerce friends and family to join me there. Something I was pleasantly surprised to see was all the photographers that popped out of the woodwork in Google+. Photographers and Nerds. Artsy peeps and the tech-savvy. My kind of crowd! Part of me actually hopes it stays that way. Please, Google, please don't allow business pages on Google+, or if you do, do it like you did with the games and make them completely ignorable!

Seriously, love me some Google+.

Another thing I usually do that probably annoys you as much as it does me: start my ending paragraph with "Anyway." Not gonna do it. There! See me not doing it? VICTORY IS MINE.

See you guys next week. Gotta get back to the grind!


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