Saturday, September 19, 2009


It be talk like a pirate day again, me hearties! Last year was great fun, it was. Time fer another round o' drinks!

There be pirate news this year:

And pirates be plundering the social media:

Facebook Group
Pyracy Pub
Bilge Monkey Blog

There even be a couple o' books to loot:

There be a whole list of online games here, savvy?

But if ye prefer real people, there be a game for that, too:

And o' course, I had to get me pirate on in WoW:

Don't forget them land-lubbin' unfortunates... there be a Walk Like a Pirate event for charity! (Only in the UK... sorry, yanks!)

Well, what are ye waiting for? Get to plunderin' ya dirty bilge rat!

Today's moment of ARRRRRR!!!!!:

Who wins? Pirates or Ninjas?


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