Friday, December 19, 2008

Happee Snowz!!!!

To all you peeps out there in the NE: hope you're staying warm! Here's some fuzzy happiness of joy to keep you sort-of-not-bored for about 15 seconds!

Bored with the pictures already? Get interactive with...

... and probably more I can't find right now because I'm still at work.

(On that note, I can't give you any sort of clue on the quality of these games. I couldn't follow any of the links because our IT people firewalled friggin' everything. So yeah. You'll have to let me know how it goes.)

Anyway, happy snows!

Quote of the Day:

(Ernest Saves Christmas)
Ernest P. Worell: I am one with the Yuletide, know what I mean?



Anonymous said...

That poor polar bear. He looks freezing. :-D

Marian said...

Love the pics, especially the one with the invisible snow shovel. How do you get a cat to do that, anyway?

Also the car filled with snow - that would be a mean, great, mean practical joke to play on someone.

Not that I know anyone who deserves it, of course. Not at all. :)

Sassee B said...

Yeah I would so like to do that to a few people's cars. Maybe my ex's Mustang!! :)