Monday, December 8, 2008

Jo Leigh and Book Suggestions

So, as I twittered earlier, I've apparently been living under a rock. I just discovered this and there's only 2 days left on the auctions...

Some of these are really ossim. If I had the money, I might actually bid on the Smart Bitches auction, because you know those books are some good reading. As it is I'm trying to see if there's one that falls under "affordable." One I clicked on at random was up over $300, and lowest I saw so far was $52 (though I didn't look at many of them. I skimmed).

Gives me the warm fuzzies to see so many writers (and agents and editors) sticking up for each other. That's the type of community I strive to join in all my endeavors. (Hey, snarky bitches have a heart too, you know. I do actually care sometimes!)

Oh, also... I need suggestions. I have 4 nieces (soon to be 6 coz of my step-bro is engaged and his lady friend has 2 more daughters) and I don't know what in the hell to get them that they'd enjoy. Bookwise, I mean. (Remember, I'm buying books for everyone this year!)

Does anyone have suggestions for these ages?

niece 1 (sister of 2) – 10 yo
niece 2 (sister of 1) - 8 yo
niece 3 – 4 yo
niece 4 – 1 yo
future sister of 1+2 – 10 yo
future sister of 1+2 – 3 yo


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DeadlyAccurate said...

I bought my going-on-seven year old niece for her birthday the four-book set, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

It's MG, listed for ages 10 and up. (My niece reads well above her reading level and skipped 1st grade). It was under $14 for all 4.

For Christmas I got her the first two "39 Clues" books plus the cards that go with it.

I only have one niece (and 6 nephews) so the rest of the books I bought were all boy-oriented.