Friday, September 9, 2011

Children's Books

As a parent, a writer, and an avid reader I did my son a favor and started reading to him before he even knew a book could be used as anything but a teething toy. (I'm telling you, Brown Bear looks like it went through a trash compactor.) The books get cuter and cleverer. We both enjoy them. My 18-mo old son even walks up to me a few times a day with a book and sits in my lap so mommy can read to him.

Imagine my excitement when they started making humorous kids books for adults.

I don't mean humorous in a Disney sort of way. You know, where the movie is fun for the kids and a few adult jokes sneak into the dialogue in such a way that the kids are none the wiser. No, I mean like adult humorous.

Samuel L. Jackson narrates one of my favorites:

And now there is a new one to prepare your child for the upcoming apocalypse!

That's Not Your Mommy Anymore

I heart the writing community. I hope someday my son will find as much amusement in reading and writing as I do!


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