Friday, September 2, 2011


Since rejoining the world of online everything I've tried to make posts unique between my FaceBook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. A lot of people post the same things on all three, or the same things on FB / G+ and then use Twitter for the "chatting" (but also still posting the same things there from FB and G+). My thought is... if there is anyone out there that actually follows me everywhere, would they really want to see the same things in three different places?

My thought is no.

It *is* tempting to post the same things in all three places, especially when there's something hilarious or exciting to be shared. Like this giant swing thing I posted on FB this morning:

(makes your stomach drop straight to your feet, no?)

Or this cat picture I re-shared on G+ (originally from Richard Sexton:

I've found that I don't usually like posting links on Twitter. I'm one of those that mostly uses it as a source of chatter, and even though some of it is interesting I don't usually repost it to FB or G+. Example: convo I had this morning on Twitter about Marylin Manson's new song "Born Villain." Like woah Shia LaBouf really showcased his dark side with the directing of that video, and no, you don't get a link because it's WAY not appropriate for anyone under 18 or even some adults with weak stomachs. You can search that one on your own if you want. But that's an example of things I do on Twitter that never make it to FB or G+.

With the exception of today's (and the previous) blog post, I think I'll even try and keep the blog content unique to itself and not let it bleed over to FB / G+ / Twitter.

Don't get me wrong, I don't disapprove of those that post the same things in all places. I follow quite a few people that do that. I just figured I would make my own online presence somewhat different to follow and see if it works for both me and the few people that follow me. I would be interested to know if there is anyone else that does this (Scalzi comes to mind as someone that keeps it "fresh" sometimes between these outlets).

TTFN, and THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY. That was worth typing out in all caps. It's been one of those weeks.


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