Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My fellow howler Pike recently blogged about the return of Heroes. You know, that freaking awesome show about people with super powers and the like? The Cheerleader, Hiro, Peter Petrelli? The show that costs $50 for all of season 1 (eff you, Best Buy)? Yeah, that Heroes.

Some of you may remember a while back that there was a writer's strike going on for forever and a day. It was a legitimate strike, but the unfortunate consequence was no new material for damn near any shows (unless they were made outside the US). This meant that the addiction known as Heroes stopped producing new episodes, and millions of people around the US were suddenly going through withdrawals.

Now it's back.

They're releasing Webisodes of the new season (that is the new season, isn't it? or is it web only? omg, I'm so confused!). It's little bits of episodes as far as I can tell, segments about 3-4 minutes long, just enough to get you excited again and then take away your stimulant. So far, it goes like this:

Part One: A Nifty Trick
Part Two: The House Guest


In part one we were introduced to three new characters. We have Echo, who, appropriately enough, has a rather nifty ability capable of blowing out people's ear drums. And he's a postal worker. (Who thinks this stuff up? Srsly.) The second character is the Constrictor, a hairless, freaky lookin' bastard that can squeeze you to death. (He kind of looks like Voldemort, actually...) Which may not sound scary, but trust me, I would not want that guy touching me for any reason, especially not to give me such a big bear hug that all my bones break and I suffocate. Eeuww. The third character is a replacement for the Horn-rimmed guy, a new bastard that goes around kidnapping people who have abilities so that they can "teach" said people how to use their powers. Which really means they're in for a nice restricted schedule and possibly some expiraments resulting in death. But that's okay, because he died of a brain hemorrage thanks to our nice Mr. Postal Worker. Or he would have if the Constrictor hadn't shot him in the head to end his misery.

In part two we see that Echo has run home and inadvertently led the Constrictor to his house. Echo's girlfriend, Gina, ends up being a hostage, but thanks to the Constrictor who happens to be covering her ears, Echo is able to use his newfound eardrum blowing abilities to save her from possible death. The beginning of his downfall... he holds the Constrictor's head up and says, "Now for the fun part."

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

Perhaps this is why season 3 of Heroes has been named "Villains." Did we just meet our new super villain? Won't know until 07/28 when the next Webisode is released. Frikkin' network and their marketing schemes. I don't want to wait another week to see who knocked on that damn door!

I'll reserve official judgment for when I can see the episode in its entirety, but so far it looks like I'd give it four stars.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be confused or alarmed. Early buzz is that the new season will hail back to season one and be rippin' hot!

So says one howler to another.