Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Optical Illusion

Someone showed this to me yesterday and I had to share.

Which way does she spin for you?

According to this site, you see her spin a different direction depending on which side of your gray matter is dominant. I see her spin both ways, but she spins clockwise for me by default. Apparently this means I'm a little right brain dominant, or put simply, I'm more creatively focused. People that see her spin counter-clockwise are apparently more logical. Left brain dominant.

So does that mean those of us who can see her go both directions are superior beings able to channel the full potential of our brains? Yes. Yes, it does. (Okay not really but I'd like to think so anyway because it makes me feel speshel. So there.)

Interesting little tidbit for those of you that can see her spin both ways... notice that when she spins clockwise her right foot is in the air, but when she spins counter-clockwise her left foot is in the air.

Pretty frikkin' sweet, eh?

If you're now fascinated with the right vs left brain thing, and this image didn't quite do it for you, you can take a 50 question test to confirm which side is dominant, or continue hitting the "next" button on the SWITCHED site. Some of them are very eye strain inducing!

Or you can just keep staring at the naked woman. Shh, I won't tell!

Quote of the day:

(The Incredibles)
Edna: [to Mr. Incredible] My God, you've gotten fat.


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