Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was doing my usual morning Blog Check -- running through the four lists of blogs I have there on the right in search of new stuff to read -- and something on Scalzi's blog caught my attention.

Now, it wasn't the cover that did it. I skipped the picture and continued reading to see what he had to say about it.

" Every teenage girl has “that time of month,” as it is so euphemistically referred to, but in Cycler, the totally inventive and fun debut novel from Lauren McLaughlin, Jill McTeague discovers that during her time, her body goes through entirely different changes than most girls — specifically, four days a month, she becomes Jack, right down to all the appropriate plumbing. "

Say what?

I continued to read. He brought on the author, Lauren McLaughlin, to give a little blurb about her book and why she wrote it. Immediately after I hunted down her website so I could get more info on this author and her book.

I think I have a new book to read.

What an awesomely unique premise. And, based on her blog posts, I gleaned enough of her personality to think I'm really going to enjoy her work. Later this week I'll make a trip to the bookstore and fill you in on what I thought of the novel. For now, at least, I can just be satisfied that I've spread the word about Cycler. (You know, in case you've managed to check my blog before Scalzi's, which is probably about as likely as you bumping into me at the grocery store.)

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Kim said...

You better watch out for me the next time you go grocery shopping then.

Hmm... this might be something to check out. I have to admit, I'm intrigued by the concept...