Saturday, September 6, 2008


First, let me say that Jesuit schools are the friggin' win. I'm not even religious and already I swear by this college's teaching methods (I'm agnostic, if you must know, despite my gratuitous use of phrases like "oh my God" and the occasional "oh Christ"). They hold education in high regard (excellent) and encourage thinking outside the box, which includes questioning their own religion (amazing!).

Anyway, my Thursday class is Ethics. By default the Jesuit tradition is to question everything -- they want you to disagree with them, they want you to give them evidence to the contrary. Therefore, it may not be surprising to some of you to learn that the first day of my Ethics class was just a little bit interesting, to say the least.

And it made me want to do an experiment.

See if you can identify which one of these best describes you (combinations are fine). And, if you're feeling ambitious, identify which one of these best describes your characters (for those of you that are writers, anyway).


Ethical Egoism - morality based on individual consequence (whatever does me the most good)

Utilitarianism - what brings the greatest good for the greatest number of people?
***** Rule Utilitarianism: certain actions can be classified as always right or always wrong because they lead to good or bad consequences.
***** Act Utilitarianism: no action can be regarded as right or wrong apart from its particular circumstance.

Divine Command Theory - if *insert deity here* says it's bad, it's bad.

Natural Law - actions are moral if they're "natural" and immoral if they're "unnatural."

Kantian Ethics - actions are either right or wrong regardless of consequence, and actions are taken "because it's the right thing to do"... "even if the heavens should fall"...



Oh, and... you've just been Rick Rolled. ;)

Quote of the Day:

Yakko: We protest you calling us little kids. We prefer to be called vertically-impaired pre-adults.



The Raven said...

Oh my dear god. You do NOT announce a Rick Roll honey, that simply isn't how it's done. The humor of it is people think they are clicking on some other content, and then, BAM!

Learn2Rickroll! BTW, I've just posted all kinds of info on this on mai blog. Study up.


Sassee B said...

I know how to Rick Roll... I wasn't trying to do it to anyone, I was merely drawing attention to the link, which happens to be Rick Roll 2.0 not the original, which you may have noticed I picked right out of your post on it :p

Learn2Sass, kthx.