Monday, September 8, 2008

I Will Do It This Month

Oh yes, I will.

Writing this down helps me out, and sharing the list with other people puts pressure on me to actually get it done. And some of it has to be done. No choice. So! Here we go. This is what I will do this month, come hell or high water. (Or a steady stream of visitors and a new roommate, as the case may be.)

1. Pull all the damned three foot tall weeds outta the yard.
2. Demolish the basement. (carpet, drywall, etc)
3. Spray for bugs in basement. (we have a few eight legged friends making residence in one room)
4. Seal the basement floor and prep it for finishing.
5. Squeeze in revisions for one chapter between homework and the first four things on the list.
6. Get a hair cut.
7. Clean out the closet in the second bedroom.

Simple enough list, but I have to take into account the fact that we have friends from out of town coming in this weekend (who are staying in our spare bedroom), my parents coming in the weekend after that (also staying with us), a going away party to attend the 27th, and a friend moving in to occupy our second bedroom and pay us moolah the first weekend of October (hence the closet cleaning, because she kind of needs the space for her own stuff). Oh, and paper writing for my two college classes, not to mention all the friggin' reading.


If anyone wants to send me some beer it would be greatly appreciated.

Quote of the Day:

(Will and Grace)
Will: Grace, go to bed. You obviously have had a very busy day of crazy.


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