Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I can has sanity?

I hardly have time to write this blog post, never mind actually pursue a new writing project, or finish my friggin' revisions. (Which are never going to be finished, according to my current work ethic, and GDI why can't I make time for this crap?)

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in to let you all know I'm going offline with much greater frequency now that skool is eating my soul (omg I have so much homework to do!) and everyone and their brother feels that September is the time to slam Teh Sass with visits that interrupt her ability to function on a day to day basis, nevermind the homework or our house which is becoming a landfill within an alarmingly short time period...

Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. Maybe some hors'deuvres too (I appologize, I can never spell that right). The little crackers and fruit, maybe those cream cheese rolls or whatever those are, though I'll have to pass on the caviar. Not my thing. And now I'm hungry again.


This gets better, right? Right?! /twitch

Quote of the day:

Viktor: Your incompetence is becoming most... *taxing*.


1 comment:

The Raven said...

It's speeled "Horse'overies" Get yer French on bish! lol

I hate housework too, but this is life. Visiting with friends and family? These are memories...what makes day to day life bearable.