Friday, May 30, 2008

Aliens... OoOOoOoOoOo

So there was a lot of hype today in Denver about some guy claiming he has irrefutable truth about the existance of aliens. In true attention whore fashion he hosted a conference to show a short video clip to the media, but had them sign waivers saying they would not record the footage to show the masses.

... (is it just me, or does this seem a little silly?) ...

The reason for this is because there is a documentary coming out in a few months and he wants to make sure that, before the documentary comes out, and before the public sees this clip, experts will have a chance to review the tape to make sure it isn't a hoax. Smart move, but it also sort of sounds like he wants his 15 minutes to last as long as possible. So far some film guy at DU says the tape hasn't been tampered with, and a special effects specialist says if it's a prop it's a whopper - something like that would have cost upwards of $50k.

So what did the video show?

Apparently, the alien peeks in a window a few times over the space of about three minutes. It moves, it blinks. But how did they get the camera set up without spooking the alien? Sounds like a setup, doesn't it? Well apparently some guy in Nebraska got it in his head that someone was pulling a peeping Tom on his daughter, so set up an infrared camera ahead of time to catch the perpetrator. Just so happens the perpetrator was an alien. Watch out America! Horny aliens are after your daughters!

The guy claims this isn't the only evidence he has, but it was the only clip he showed the media. The rest of us are angry because our entertainment is being kept secret. We want our chance to see the video, to critique it, to refute its authenticity. Should it be an actual alien (unlikely, at this point) we want to be able to claim we saw the video of the damned thing. I mean really! It's a frikkin alien! Real or not I want to see the thing that experts are saying is either real or a really expensive prop.

So come on already, give it up! I want to see aliens!

Today, instead of a ponder, I leave you with the best alien movie quote ever:

"Get away from her you bitch!" - Ripley, ALIENS


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