Monday, May 12, 2008

teh apoklipz, it comes

The first sign:
I actually felt like cleaning today. WTF?

The second sign:
Tornados and earthquakes, oh my. What is with the weather lately, seriously? It's mid May and it's cold as shit outside.

The third sign:
I actually *enjoyed* the 9 hour one way trip to KC and back. (Back being "Denver" for those not in the know.)

Troublesome times I tell you.

Also, sorry for not coming back to update on Saturday. We went and crashed a couple of graduation parties, ate dinner, and then went out drinking all night. Fun stuff. My step-sister is a really funny drunk, by the way. She can walk alright and she's not loud or obnoxious. It's just, when she starts talking, she makes absolutely no sense at all. Random things start spilling out of her mouth and she does the classic mixed up drunk speak. "This pillow chip makes a good bag" is my favorite. (The correct sentence there was supposed to be "this bag of chips makes a good pillow.")

I'm so far behind on my reading and writing it isn't funny. I made a promise to myself to revise at least 2 chapters last month and I didn't do it, and it's taken me weeks to finish American Gods. It's like the bane of my existence right now. The writing, I mean. I think it's why I can't even finish a book. Like, I know I need to revise it with a quickness, and I know it's probably not as hard as I'm making it out to be in my head (although I revised chapter 1 and it took me a whole month because the thing was just a big mess), but I just can't sit down to do it. I think my mind went "ah ha, the end!" and shut itself down after the first draft. There, I did it, I'm done, let's move on.

I think this was because I didn't usually have to revise any of the stuff I wrote in high school. You know me... I'm the type that spews something into the word processor the night before and turns it in for an A. This has had an adverse affect on my writing, because now I feel as though once it's on paper it's done and it's perfect. I need a mental smack in the head. Or I did. I gave myself one, and now it looks completely hopeless.

The thing reads awesomely, I won't lie. I get caught up in my own story whenever I read through it. Thing is, when I stop to edit, I see so much wrong with it I just want to give up. This part could be better... what was I thinking here? ... crap, I contradicted myself a few chapters ago. Blah. So I distracted myself by getting a post-draft outline done to better see my problems. That was cathartic. I started thinking "yeah, alright, this isn't so bad, I can do this." Then I go look at the draft and make a face. Look at this, I'm even procrastinating in the form of a blog post. Tsk, tsk.

I guess I'll kick myself off the computer and see what I can do. What do YOU do when you get into a writing or revising funk? Post here, lemme know.

Ponder of the day:

"If you try to fail, and then succeed, what have you really done?"


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