Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I currently live in Colorado but my old stomping grounds are a little place called Blue Springs, Missouri. It's a suburb of Kansas City. Previously, this was just your run of the mill suburb, no place special, but I recently found out one of the American Idol finalists (David Cook) is from here. I don't watch the show so this was a complete surprise to me. How did I find out? There was a parade for him here and he was alllll over the news. The whole city was going ape shit over this guy. Nuts, I tell you! No one famous is ever from around here. It's kind of weird.

Anyway, we drove back this weekend to go to my sister's college graduation party and my cousin's high school graduation party. Which are both at the same time, of course. In different locations. I sense much driving in our near future.

And holy shit, I just heard thunder!

I love -- love, love, love -- thunderstorms. I miss them so badly. Denver very rarely has thunderstorms, and when they do happen they're gone within the hour. The systems don't have time to build over the city before they're swept away by winds coming off the mountain.

But here... oh... here they can build for days. It can rain for days, and thunder for several hours. Big fat rain drops and booms that have potential to shake the walls. I am such a sucker for big storms. *happy sigh!*

Oops, it's gettin' late. I'll try to come back and post something more interesting when I have more time. Gotta go grab some last minute cards and presents for people. (No, I did not come prepared. Hush. I see you giving me that look through the computer screen.)

Ponder of the day:

"Who's cruel idea was it to put the 's' in lisp?"


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