Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh My

Remember when I showed you my first 51 word "phase" for the start of my NaNo novel? And I was like yeah, I can so turn this into 500 or 1000 words?

Yeah. It turned into 2200.

This is good in that I now know the phase thing works, but now it makes me think about it harder, because apparently I am very good at stretching word count. (What a surprise, right?) Means I need to map out the rest of my phases with a quickness. (No, I did not have them all planned and ready to go. Come on, you know me, I don't plan. lol)

The minimum word count needed per day is 1667 to make it to 50k by November 30th. My personal goal is 2k a day. I mean, it's only 333 words more, not that hard. Very much obtainable if I remember last year's experience correctly.

Only thing is, I wrote 1630 words on Saturday, and 743 on Sunday. I was supposed to have 3400 words to work with this morning and I only have 2373. Good 1k short of the minimum, and I had planned to write 4k by now. Not a very spectacular start.

Buuuuuut... I do like the story, and I'll continue on with it to see if I can get a decent chunk written this month. No one says you HAVE to get 50k. 40 or 45k would still be a nice accomplishment. It would be more than I've written the rest of this year, anyway. (Pretty sad, I know.)

So how is your NaNo going? Are you doing better than I am? Someone want to have a word war with me this week to keep me motivated?

Quote of the Day:

(Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Janet: What have you done to Brad?
Frank: Nothing. Why, do you think I should?



CJ Harley said...

I'm at 2913 words at the moment. Not doing as well as I would have liked, but I keep going. I wanted to do 2084 words a day so I could take Turkey day off and have at least one day off a week. I've got 3300 words to write today to get back on track. Yikes!

Mary B said...

Slooooooooooooowly I turned. Step,by step. Inch, by inch.

I'm not flying, but I'm pretty much on target. 6900 and some pocket change.

The good news is I love the story and believe in this book.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Well you're doing better than I am, but I tend to get crazy and stay up to all hours catching watch out! ~Karen (Lavinia from AW)

Jill Wheeler said...

Still up for a word war? I'm slowing down quite a bit. Need motivation. And lots of caffeine and chocolate.