Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twilight 18-20

YAY drama that comes from outside the emo couple! /popcorn


Burgundy predator eyes? Excellent! But meh, the lead guy has a French accent. We need to see some crazy vamp accents sometime. Like Canadian. (I just snorted at the thought of a Cannuck vamp. "I'm gonna suck your blood, eh? Hoser!")

Ooooo, tenseness between Edward and one of the other doods. Snarling, teeth baring. James is hungry. Come onnnnnnn, vamp fight! (They won't, unfortunately. They agreed to keep the peace and go home to the Cullens' etc. But hey, I can dream.)

Running... driving away... osnap. James is apparently gonna give Edward a run for his money (Edward can hear thoughts, and I guess James is all "yer chick, I shall eat her. and it will be good"). Finally, some really interesting conflict!

"Bella, please just do this my way, just this once," he said between clenched teeth. Hon, I don't know if you noticed, but she does it your way a lot. And unclench your teeth plx. You're moody -- we don't need you to be cliche, too.

Nice planning by Bella. There actually is a brain under all that emo. Looks like we're goin' back to Phoenix, AZ!


Woah. Emo girl can act, too. She's throwing a truly hellish breakup tantrum in order to get out of the house believably. Kind of feel bad for Charlie, though (her dad). She's gone beyond hitting below the belt. She's downright K.O.'d him. Tho he isn't acting like chief of police or whatever he is. For being law enforcement he sure does freeze up a lot around emotional wimminz. Nice guy, but you can tell Meyer doesn't know any cops.

James followed them! /popcorn

Amighad I love chase scenes! Decoys and ambushes and escapes, oh my! And Edward and Bella have to split for a few days. I thought this was good until I remembered that she's prone to bouts of depression. Ahh, well. I can put up with it if I get a vamp fight. Lurves me those vamp fights.


Washington to Arizona in a day. Must be a new land speed record.

Travel, travel, travel... Oopsie, James caught on. He's on a plane now. The Tracker is on the hunt... Sleeping, calling peeps, onoes Alice has a vision, Bella leaves a message for her mom, more sleeping...

... and chapter ends.

Okay, that was an excellent change in pace. We were minimal on the emo except for a few zomg I heart you moments, and it seems like people are acting kind of... intelligent?? It's, like, mind-boggling. Too bad it took almost 400 pages of train wreck to get to this point.

More to come. Stay tuned!

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DeadlyAccurate said...

Why are these other vamps after Bella? Just to make Edward angry?

Sassee B said...

The Cullens are like vegetarian vamps -- they don't eat humans, they eat animals. They're the only ones that do so, however. These other three vamps were passing through and saw that Bella was with the Cullens and they were all "you brought a snack!" and of course Edward was all "she's mine bitch!" and then the other dood was like "oh yeah? I shall eat her anyway!"

(Done, of course, through silence fraught with intense stares and snarls and caveman intimidation. And Edward's mind reading. James, the really hostile guy, was egged on by the defensive behavior and is now even more determined to drain Bella simply because he can.)