Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twilight 21-23


Alice has a vision of... Bella's mom's house. That can't be good.

Oh hey, phone call and it's Bella's mo-OH MY GOD IT'S JAMES. And look, Jasper the empath is conveniently out of the room right now, so he isn't there to feel that Bella is freaking the fux out. And while I'm thrilled at the increased amounts of action, it's just a little eyebrow-raising that James would go after her mom to lure her out for snack time. Is he that obsessed with finding one measly human? There's millions of others out there, dude.

Then again, it would really piss off Edward.

Never mind, carry on. You get one get out of jail free card for the too-convenient plot twist as long as we see Edward suffer and Bella's mom doesn't have to die.

And of course she stops to write a letter to Edward before going off to die. Gotta keep up the emo!


Alice has another vision, and she says Bella's name and looks frightened and stuff, but then says everything is fine. What are you up to, little miss psychic? How come you aren't spilling the beans? You know what she's up to. She's gonna ditch your asses so she can go save her mom TSTL style.

Yep, there she went. Used the good ol' bathroom trick in the airport when they went to pick up Edward. (Why doesn't she wait for Edward, you ask, or bring anyone with her? 'Coz James will KEEL her momma if she does, that's why. In case you were wondering.)

Shuttle... cab ride... home to get the number James left for her... running, running, running...

Oh James you sneaky little bastard. I want to have your babies. You are everything a vampire should be -- ruthless, intelligent, and oh so evil. (Not gonna expand on that one as it's very spoilery, but those of you that read it know what I'm talkin about with the Ballet place and stuff.)

And he... wow. Wow. Bella actually gets injured? No deus ex machina before the blood flows? Meyer, I'm shocked.


Oh Christ now she's calling Edward's voice the voice of an angel. Gag me with a spoon.

Hey? Where did James go? #*$%&@#$%!#@$ I wanted a vamp fight god DAMMIT! Where is my vamp fight?

/deep breath
/calm down

Okay, fine. But you better have one for me later.

How friggin' sweet and stuff -- Edward has supreme control over his blood drinking self even while she's bleeding. Aww. Idnit speshel. /hurl

What? Hey! The chapter is over already? Friggin' cheat. That didn't even qualify as a quarter of a chapter, and now I gotta wait until I get home to read and review the rest. Sigh.

I find myself becoming strangely addicted despite wanting to punch Edward and Bella in the face. Why? Do the gods laugh at me? Are they having fun at my expense? Why do I feel this need to take just a liiiiiiiiittttle bit longer lunch and finish the book? Why do I want to know what happens? This is mind boggling, and I shall spend the rest of the afternoon thinking about it. Along with DA's question about "how would you give someone directions from the north pole?" (That's a hard one, that is... everything is south from there.)

More to come later today. I'm strangely looking forward to it. Quick, someone slap me.

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