Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prepare for Bella

Twilight. Yeah, I'm readin' it. I decided that I needed to form my own valid, first-hand-experienced opinion of it. And guess what? You guys get to join me! Aren't you excited? I'm going to review it chapter by chapter as I read. Teh fun, I can hardly stand it.

(I may be going into this a little biased, if you couldn't tell.)

My purpose here is two-fold. I want to find out why the hell everyone either really loves or really hates this book, and I want to gain some personal insight about how not to write a main character. Why, you ask. Why would I make that judgment before reading it? For starters, even the people that liked the book don't really like Bella. They like all the other characters and the general storyline. I hear she's pretty whiny or some such and I want to make sure I avoid that (because I do have a character that starts out passive, and I don't want her to incite such a strong negative response from some readers).

So... here we go. First few chapters.


Erm... was there a point here? Onoes she's gonna die but not really coz the book is about vampires? I've only read this little bit and I see that trick coming from a mile away.

Writing style isn't bad, though. Onward.


Why do we not find out immediately why she's moving back to Washington state? She obviously doesn't want to go. Is she masochistic? She's pretty depressing, I tell you what. My high school experience wasn't all rainbow poops and candy mountain either, but I don't remember being quite that depressed. Even the days I came home and cried I wasn't that down on myself. I mean, I was depressed, but I wasn't thinking zomg I are teh suck no one loves me /crai. It was more of a frustration thing. I can very quickly see how Bella needs to get over herself and look for something happy to focus on. Or at least seek some professional help for that depression. Also, she fails the sarcasm check. A lot.

Edward is kind of amusing. I expect him to pop a vein at any moment (pun not intended). Got me curious as to what his deal is, coz that guy is pissed as all hell.

The writing style isn't bad. I'm enjoying it. (She needs to work on her flow, though, and there's some noobish mistakes in here... says the noob. Shush.) I kind of wish she had picked a different character or even a different story, TBH, because this one isn't doing her justice. I understand that my expressed opinions may be her intention but come on woman! You can do better. I mean that as the highest form of compliment, not a put down. She needed to drop Bella like a sack of potatoes and try something more positive. Maybe the writing community would have been more forgiving of mistakes had she actually written a likable main character.

Anyway, on to chapter 2.


"The next day was better... and worse."

First line and already annoyed. Srsly, we know you don't like where you are in life. Stop it. Also, she's very fixated on beauty. I mean, a lot of teenagers (or people in general, I suppose) are fixated on appearance, but she's very much all about people's beauty. This is contrary, I think, to most people with her sort of attitude -- isn't she supposed to be jealous and downplaying their beauty? Hmm.

Gotta find out the deal with Edward. Why's he avoiding her? [later] Wait, no, there he is. And Bella seems to rise from her funk when she talks with him. They should talk more often so there is less woe-is-me going on.

I kind of like Bella's dad, Charlie. He seems nice. And poor Mike the Classmate stands no chance against the likes of a vampire that sparkles. Sorry dude.

Overall, the book is very take it or leave it for me right now. I'm continuing to read it because I'm bored out of my mind and I told you guys I would read it and comment on it. We'll see how I feel in a few more chapters.

More to come later. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of the ones who hated it, but I'm interested to see what you think. This far our reactions aren't too far off. :)

Donna Sirianni said...

Oh it gets OMG betr! Personally I'd like to light Bella and Edward on fire but that's just me.