Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twilight 9-11


Huh. He can't "hear" Bella's thoughts. That sounds oddly like... oh, what was that character... Sookie Stackhouse. Except this time it's the vampire that can read minds and it's the girl's thoughts that are hidden. (Did anyone else catch that or is that just me watching too much True Blood recently?)

Looks like this chapter is going to be one of those "as you know, Bob"s. This is fine by me as it doesn't leave Bella a lot of wiggle room to get all high maintenance.

He can't sleep? That... that just sucks. What does he do? (besides stalk Bella) How does he stay sane? Brains need sleep time. Reminds me of that guy that hasn't slept in like seven years or something ridiculous like that. Imma have to look him up later on Google.

She's tearing up at the thought of the car ride ending, of Edward leaving. Please, hon, quit being so needy. You will live if Edward isn't there. Hell, your life expectancy might go up.

Edward! Stop telling her you're dangerous. That is attractive to teenage girls. It's like telling a woman to refrain from eating chocolate and then setting a whole damn cake in front of her. And anyway, we get it. Just because you're friggin' sparkly doesn't mean you can pull a Bella and be all down on yourself. Leave that up to her. Trust me, she does it enough for the both of you.

Aww, they almost kissed. Idnit speshel.


Edward is there in the morning to take her to school, unannounced. I'm trying to decide whether or not this is creepy.

*snort* I bet Jessica thinks they spent the night together. ... Ahh, nope. All she wanted to know was whether or not they kissed. I forgot how friggin' innocent some teenagers can be.

"Liquid topaz" eyes. This guy is like a regular mood ring... he's been gold and black so far, and now topaz. Isn't that a Mary Sue-ism or something? (Not like I can really nitpick this one as I concentrate pretty heavily on eyes in my own WIP. Werewolves and all. Gotta know to run when you see gold.)

And they're fighting over which one loves the other more. Gag me with a spoon.

Creepy Edward moment #3 - tell Charlie (her dad) you're going out with me. Why? His eyes were suddenly fierce. "To give me some small incentive to bring you back." Mental image there was of Bella dead on the side of the road with Edward going emo about having killed her by accident. Or, worse yet, they run away to be "together forever." This is on the right path so far to turn into a Romeo and Juliette train wreck of epic proportions.


I think I'm starting to get numb to the irritating behaviors of Edward and Bella. Either that or it's late. Or maybe both. Some stuff made my eyes roll but nothing really worth a comment so far.

Sometimes it was so easy to like Mike. I was gonna say go ahead and go date him already, but then I thought... the guy is going to be happier without her, so never mind.

Perceptive guy, Mike is. "He looks at you like... like you're something to eat." Mebbe coz he's a vampire or something. I do appreciate the intelligence, though. At least someone is suspicious of the Cullens rather than bein' all zomg teh sparkulz!

Creepy Edward behavior #4 -- he listens in on all of her conversations.

Picked her up for school again. For as much as he says she should stay away from him, he sure does make it damn near impossible.

Creepy Edward behavior #5 -- he keeps running his hand down the side of her face.

Oh teh shit is going to hit the fan. Jacob's dad saw Edward with her. The Blacks are on the alert. (Wait... Black... Sirius Black... also a man into canine sort of person... did Meyer realize what was going on in her subconscious?)

I'm beginning to see why some people like the books. Some of the secondary characters are pretty interesting, and they have way better (and more believable) personalities than Bella. If I were beta reading this for Meyer, I would have told her to chuck the first few chapters and tone down Bella's misery. Like, almost rewrite her completely. It is possible to have a depression-laden character that isn't so infuriating to the readers but you have to know how to pull it off. She didn't pull it off. My sympathy (and empathy) for her right now is zero. Between the woe-is-me, the I'm-not-worthy, and the TSTL syndrome, I've already dismissed her. She doesn't even try in some things. Like gym. She automatically thinks she's going to suck and so she does. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Again, the clumsy thing is all mental. Has nothing to do with her motor skills or hand / eye coordination.

Anyway, it's late. Stay tuned for your daily dose of teenaged angst.

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Donna Sirianni said...

Wait till you get to the part where Edward mentioned he could crush Bella's skull with a single touch. I was rooting. It didn't happen. Damn.