Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight 15-17

So where was... oh, right. The Sleepover. Look, even Edward is like "srsly?" in this picture.


Mmkay, well, it's the "morning after" (kind of) and he's merely cheerful instead of unstable and creepy. This is acceptable. You may pass go. You may collect $200.

She loves him? She loves him? And he's all Han Solo like "I know." Not really but close enough... anyway, he doesn't return the sentiment. All he does is pull another Edward creepy moment with the "you are my life now." Honestly, WTF kind of response is that? Hi, I'm Edward, and I'll be your stalker for the next few decades. Would you like me to shadow your every move today or just listen in on all your conversations? I can be flexible.

She has a sense of humor? Where did that come from?

Creepy Edward behavior # something (I lost count): He's watching her eat.

Alice, eh. Sounds like she knows what's goin' on and Edward doesn't like it. I like her already and she isn't even in the book yet.

What's with the cheek thing! Stop touching her face already. You're going to give her a zit. Or vampire cooties. Or something.

WTF? Now she's a fainter?

lololololol okay yes I like Alice. What a hoot. (I just said "what a hoot" didn't I? Apparently I've suddenly moved back to my hometown without realizing it. 'Sup, y'all?)

Yes, yes, there's danger coming to town, we know you're going to be overly protective. Move along. (And there we go again with the being satisfied when she looks somewhat frightened.)

He did not just do that. (tear tasting)

Yes, I am satisfied with my earlier assessment that Edward is bipolar, 'coz this is complete 180 from yesterday. Between his bipolar creepiness and her clinical depression, they're going to make for an interesting couple. And by interesting, I mean like reality show interesting, like "I Love Money" interesting. I need to start making Twilight based FAIL pictures.


More vampy background stuff. Carlisle is a decent guy so far. Sounds like good people.

Enough with the scariness. She isn't afraid of you dude, and you pouncin' on her is not going to change that. Got it?

Wait, why does there have to be thunder outside for them to play baseball? I'm confused. I'll probably get an answer here in a few pages, but I'm still confused.


Woah, moar confooshun. They were gonna go play baseball and then suddenly Edward was dropping her off at her dad's house. And osnap, the Blacks are back.

... and they're gone again. They seem to have this thing with appearing, making a statement, and leaving again. Seems kind of convenient.

Wha..? She is really not good at transitioning scenes. Charlie just sat down to talk to Edward (she announced her intentions) and then Bella was all "let's go" and they went. No talking other than "so you're going to play baseball?" What was the point, then? I would have edited that scene out or gave it more dialogue. More something. That was highly pointless.

K, the neck kissing was kind of hot.

Esme is nice too, I've decided this.

"You don't mind, then?" I asked, hesitant again. "That I'm... all wrong for him?"
"No." She was thoughtful. "You're what he wants. It will work out, somehow," she said, though her forehead creased with worry.

^^ Foreshadowing, yer doin' it obvious.

Oh, oh! What's this? We can has bad dudes? Traditional bad dudes? /popcorn

Nooooooooooooooooo... something interesting was finally happening! GDI. You guys may get two posts tonight.

Better chapters here. Not so much emo, more concentration on actual story stuff like backgrounds and, yannow, some stuff happening that doesn't only involve Edward and Bella. Much better than yesterday's reading session, I tell you what.

More to come in a few. Damned insatiable curiosity.

AM UPDATE: I decided it was too late and I needed to get sleep, and I have class tonight, so no updates until late again. Not like that's a stray from the norm since I've been posting these things after I should have already gone to bed. Heh.

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