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Twilight 6-8


Ahh, finally, someone is beginning to dislike Bella. Oddly enough, she's not as pessimistic this chapter (so far). She even called the forests "gorgeous" and was excited about the semi-sunny day. Hell, she's almost downright tolerable in this chapter.

Enter Jacob. So far he's a nice enough guy. The "scary story" was cutely told. I don't know that I like Bella leading him on in order to glean information, but she's still not being pessimistic, so I can deal with it. This is a surprisingly good chapter so far.

Oh, woops, teh end. Yeah, definitely a much better chapter. Please to keep this up, Steph, kk? No moar woe-is-me or I'm-not-worthy? Please? Maybe?


Dreams! Relevant dreams. Life-threatening dreams. Werewolf vs Vampire vs Human (teh fux, why is Mike in the dream? lol. Poor guy) /popcorn

Blah, blah, blah... more pretty tolerable stuff... hey, is this the part where she listens to Linkin Park?

Oh great, she's going into the forest. Alone. Didn't you ever watch B movies, Bella? Srsly. /throws popcorn at imaginary movie screen

"Could the Cullens be vampires?" NO WAI! /gasp Oh, but he's so dreamy, I want to be with him even if... *covers own mouth in mock horror*

He smiled back, his brown eyes crinkling around the edges. When Charlie smiled, it was easier to see why he and my mother had jumped too quickly into an early marriage.

Do you see this, Bella? This is me glaring at you through the pages of the book. I'm boring a hole in your pale, depressed head. Lissin to yerself. Learn from your mother's mistakes.

Oh Christ, here she goes getting depressed again. This girl is needy. You'd think the world just ended for how sad she is about Edward not being in class for a day. Hardcore unhealthy puppy love. I remember it well. I also killed it viciously (the love, not the puppy. jeeze).

At least the chapter ends on a positive note about Bella getting happier. I kind of feel sorry for Mike, though. Between vampires and werewolves most chicks choose the vampire, and between monsters and humans everyone picks the monsters. Poor things. Humans get no love anymore. (And honestly, I would have stuck with Mike and said to hell with Edward or Jacob. The guy is sweet, and genuinely interested.)


*snort* Ha! Go Tyler. (the prom thing)

Okay, come on. If you get lost in an unfamiliar town, you go back the way you came. You do not try to circle around the block or anything else that might qualify you as TSTL (too stupid to live). We went over this in the forest. You admitted you had like no sense of direction or something. Don't take shortcuts through warehouse-ville trying to find your way back.

Cornered. Yeah. TSTL. /sigh

Oh damn! It's Edward to the rescue, and he's pissed (rightfully so, in this case). Who saw that one coming? /raises hand

Crap. I kind of like Edward right now. He's all carefully contained violence with a softy heart and infuriatingly vague answers and... no! BAD Sassee! You have your own alpha male, concentrate on him. Think happy werewolf thoughts... big, muscly, deep-voiced werewolf thoughts... *stops to ponder if she should maybe go read her own WIP for the steamy scene*

Wait, never mind. Edward was following her all day? /creepy

My eyeballs, they roll. Edward is a drama queen.

Okay, that was better than the first few chapters. Bella was merely TSTL rather than overwhelmingly depressing. I'll take TSTL over that earlier attitude any day. This is getting marginally more interesting only because I have a faux crush for every alpha male I come across in fiction. Usually this is fixed by some sort of unacceptable behavior by said alpha male. If rumor is true I shall not be disappointed.

For now I have cautious optimism that we are leaving behind annoying-as-fux Bella. TSTL Bella I can deal with as long as it isn't depressed-as-all-hell Bella (God, that's kind of sad, isn't it?).

More to come later!

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